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I.S.P.C  is an inmate service payment center networking system that members and customers will be able to use to find inmates services regarding their correctional center or city jails. I.S.P.C also has a prepaid card that provides discounts and  rewards points accumulation  to use on vendors, bail bonds in the network.

For anyone over 18 years old.

We provide an extensive variety of vendors, products, legal assistance referals for  you  and your loved ones.

You will establish an online membership if choose too. during the  membership or regular user  of our network member or customer will have  access to our   rewards point program  system. you  will be able to use  with  our  vendors  and partner  in the network

No. Geographic location is not an obstacle for our industries. We offer our service worldwide.

No.ispc platform is made user-friendly so it is simple and easy to use or create a profile. Moreover,myispc team will provide you any support you need!

By joining myispc you will have a chance to contribute to the industry. members and ispc will be able to interact and by doing that – help each other to reach goals and surpass any limitations.

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