Two simple plans.

easy card with no obligation.

as you go Plan
$3.00/moloading fee payment.
Your personal online acount
Cloud backup of all data
24/7 Live support
Free webinars
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sign up Plan
$2.00*per completed transaction

A great plan for anyone who prefers flexibility

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Do you issue refunds?
refunds for remaining balances that on the card
Can I quit any time?
yes.its a prepaid card you pay as you go, no strings attached
What payment methods do you accept?
you would able to use, debitcard, credit cards, wire transfer, and pay cash with our networking cash points as the company expands.
Does it matter where I am from?
No.Ispc will be providing international coverage with an international ispc card for our international cusotmers
reward points
The more you use the i.s.p.c card you gain points to have access to our perks, legal aid program, and products, plus community center and discounts programs.
Vendors and Programs
we will have a variety of vendors and programs for customers to use. They will able to use our legal aid program to assist the inmates during his court hearings, also will able to use our vendors in the network to purchase products and send to your significant other.ispc will have a varieties of bail bonds in the network also